Lady Friends

Care to meet a lovely friend with me? Allow me to suggest some ladies whose company I particularly enjoy...

Endza Ash: An Intrepid Connoisseur of All Things Delectable

​Elegant and erudite, Endza brings her gloriously devious brain to every date. Her imagination and skills will titillate you, while her ​exquisitely long​ legs will inspire you to greater heights. Our chemistry together is electric and you'll want to be a part of it.​ You ​may ​see us both for $800 an hour.

​What's better than one librarian? Two! Meet the infamous Maggie McNeill - writer, courtesan, and librarian. Maggie's stimulating conversation is matched by her sensual experience, and they combine to intrigue all your senses. ​You'll be wanting to return your overdue books and risk our scolding! Enjoy our joint company for $800 an hour.